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21w SMD2835 LED Corn Light E26

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LED Orientalight co., Limited have a full range of LED Corn lamps from 12w to 120w to fit various indoor or outdoor application. This 21w SMD2835 LED Corn Light E26 is available in E26 base, E27 base, E39 base and E40 base caps and can replace the 75 watt CFL type lamp. LED Corn lights is the perfect retrofit type lamp that allow you to continue using your existing lighting fixtures, which don‘t need to replace whole fixtures in order to save much cost.


1) High Luminous Efficiency, up to 130lm-140lm/W.        
2) Unique fin aluminium 6063 heat sink design ensures superior heat management.         
3) Global Voltage Input 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz          
4) It‘s major to replace the CFL, MHL, HPS and CBL with screwed lamp base directly.          
5) Environmental friendly. Lead and mercury free.         
6) LEDs and the led driver are protected from bugs, dust and humidity because cover over them.        
7) Resistant to shock and vibration.         
8) Start without delay and flicker free. Instant ON/OFF operation.        
9) Long operation life time, above 50,000hours. Low maintenance costs.         
10) 3-5 Years Warranty.

Specifications of 21w SMD2835 LED Corn Light E26:

Item No.: CL121 
Product Model: LM-CLG70E021Y01-WW/NW/CW 
Power (W): 21Watts 
Size(mm): Φ70*200mm 
Lamp Base: E26/E27/E39/E40 
Input Voltage(V): AC100-277V 50/60Hz 
Color(CCT): 3000K/4000K/6000K 
Luminous Flux:   2940lm 
LED Quantity:   126Pcs 
Led Type: SMD2835 
PC Cover: Clear PC/Frosted PC 
Beam Angle: 360° 
CRI: 86Ra 
PF: >0.95 
IP Grade IP64 
Lifespan: 50,000hours 
Warranty:  5 years


Product Details:

Replacement of 21w SMD2835 LED Corn Light E26:


21w SMD2835 LED Corn Light E26 is the perfect replacement lamp of HPS, HID, MHL, CFL and Incandescent bubs, and mainly used in garden, street, warehouse, shopping mall, wall light, parking Lot, courtyard, square, park, airport, subway, gymnasium, etc.. Can be used in the indoor or outdoor IP 65 or IP67 closed fixtures.

Packing details:


·Pay attention to the voltage before using.   
·Don‘t press LED surface.   
·Don‘t take apart the product or replace mechanical and electronic components.   
·Don‘t stare at the strong light for a long time as it may cause injury to eyes.


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